Who's Going?

There are 128 members currently booked on from 26 clubs.
The most recent person to book was Jack Gilbert (Indie).

Aberdeen Universities Student Scout and Guide Society (0)

    Aberystwyth Student Scout and Guide Organisation (3)

    • Larah Korrison (College Crawl)
    • Melissa Roberts (Long Paddle [full day])
    • Philip Mottershead (Museum Crawl)

    Bangor University Guides and Scouts (2)

    • Caitlin Riley (Water Activities [full day])
    • Niall Marsay (Water Activities [full day])

    Bath Spa SSAGO (0)

      Bath University Guides and Scouts (10)

      • Adele Upton (Water Activities [full day])
      • Benjamin Mansbridge (Water Activities [full day])
      • Caroline Nicholls (Water Activities [full day])
      • Devun Mistry (Water Activities [full day])
      • Hannah Brennan (Water Activities [full day])
      • Lander King (Water Activities [full day])
      • Lewis Downward (Water Activities [full day])
      • Madeleine Brett (Water Activities [full day])
      • Matthew Ratcliff (Water Activities [full day])
      • Rachael Botham (Water Activities [full day])

      Birmingham (7)

      • Alex Moore (Punt Jousting)
      • Amber Gollay (Punting to Grantchester)
      • Annabel Coles (Short Hike To Granchester and Girton College)
      • Jonathan Barrett (Egyptian Tomb)
      • Jonathan Miller (Short Hike To Granchester and Girton College)
      • Kathryn Anderson (Long Paddle [full day])
      • Nathan Flaherty (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)

      Bishop Grosseteste Guides and Scouts (0)

        Bournemouth (0)

          Cambridge (12)

          • Adam Swinton (Short Hike To Granchester and Girton College)
          • Amy Bland (Water Activities [full day])
          • Cara Woods (Punt Jousting Spectator)
          • Caroline Daboo (Staff)
          • Eleanor Harpum (Staff)
          • Emma Crickmore (College Crawl)
          • James Timmins (Water Activities [full day])
          • Laura Fagg (Water Activities [full day])
          • Meghan Bird (Punt Jousting)
          • Oliver Cubitt (Staff)
          • Rebecca Rodgers (Armagedon)
          • Thomas Webster (Staff)

          Cardiff SSAGS (1)

          • Nicola Batty (Secret Agent)

          Chester SSAGO (0)

            Chichester (0)

              Dundee SSAGO (0)

                Durham (0)

                  Edinburgh SSAGO (0)

                    Essex SSAGO (0)

                      Exeter (0)

                        Glasgow SSAGO (4)

                        • Alannah Fox (Water Activities [full day])
                        • Cecilia Rafters (Water Activities [full day])
                        • Lauren Whittaker (Punt Jousting)
                        • Ruth Adamson (Water Activities [full day])

                        Hertfordshire University Guides and Scouts (0)

                          Hull's Own Guides and Scouts (2)

                          • Alexandra Hendon (Long Hike [full day])
                          • Kate Mann (Water Activities [full day])

                          Imperial SSAGO (0)

                            Indie (5)

                            • Frances Milroy (Punt Jousting)
                            • Genevieve Tyrrell (Egyptian Tomb)
                            • Jack Gilbert (Water Activities [full day])
                            • Laura Daboo (Water Activities [full day])
                            • Scott Chapman (Punt Jousting)

                            Keele SSAGO (2)

                            • Georgina Westbrook (Day Off In Cambridge)
                            • Reuben Cone (Day Off In Cambridge)

                            Kingston (0)

                              Lancaster (11)

                              • Abigail Dutton (Water Activities [full day])
                              • Daisy Richmond (Pub Golf)
                              • Edwin Burkinshaw (Vineyard Tour and Tasting)
                              • Emily Clymer (College Crawl)
                              • Emma Beeson (Water Activities [full day])
                              • Lucy Hodgkiss (Water Activities [full day])
                              • Megan Louise Winter (Front Crawl)
                              • Millie Beardsworth (Water Activities [full day])
                              • Pip Anderson (Vineyard Tour and Tasting)
                              • Rhys Peploe (Pub Golf)
                              • Stephanie Sargeant (Water Activities [full day])

                              Leeds (0)

                                Leicester (9)

                                • Amber Bryant-beattie (Day Off In Cambridge)
                                • Daniel Mears (Long Paddle [full day])
                                • Elizabeth Powell (Secret Agent)
                                • Hannah Lewis (Day Off In Cambridge)
                                • Jimmy Austin (Long Paddle [full day])
                                • Joseph Green (Museum Crawl)
                                • Lauren Sabberton (Punting to Grantchester)
                                • Lauren Wood (Day Off In Cambridge)
                                • Liam Millard (Punting to Grantchester)

                                Lincoln University Guides and Scouts (0)

                                  Liverpool University SSAGO (5)

                                  • Ben Dale (Short Hike To Granchester and Girton College)
                                  • Charlotte Dawson (Day Off In Cambridge)
                                  • Lauren Hill (Museum Crawl)
                                  • Rebecca Taylor (Water Activities [full day])
                                  • Rio Mcelvenny (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)

                                  Loughborough (1)

                                  • Hugh Atkin (Short Hike To Granchester and Girton College)

                                  Manchester (0)

                                    Newcastle Universities Student Scout and Guide Group (0)

                                      Nottingham (1)

                                      • Stuart Pattullo (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)

                                      Oxford University Scout and Guide Group (1)

                                      • Rebecca Elliott (Water Activities [full day])

                                      Plymouth University Guides and Scouts (5)

                                      • Ellie Baker (Pub Golf)
                                      • Elly Wightman (Punt Jousting)
                                      • Oliver Anderson-chapman (Staff)
                                      • Steph Charles (Long Hike [full day])
                                      • Thomas Hold (Punt Jousting Spectator)

                                      Portsmouth SSAGO (2)

                                      • Lewis Smith (Water Activities [full day])
                                      • William Rankin (Water Activities [full day])

                                      Queen Mary, University London SSAGO (0)

                                        Reading (0)

                                          Royal Agricultural University (0)

                                            Sheffield Hallam Students Union Guides & Scouts (5)

                                            • Anona Mann (Punt Jousting)
                                            • Charlotte Head (Punt Jousting)
                                            • Kate Hadley (Punting to Grantchester)
                                            • Rhianna Lenham (Punting to Grantchester)
                                            • Sam English (Punting to Grantchester)

                                            Solent SSAGO (3)

                                            • Kira Hawkins (Water Activities [full day])
                                            • Poppy Kavanagh (Water Activities [full day])
                                            • Ryan Parry (Water Activities [full day])

                                            Southampton SSAGO (12)

                                            • Alexandra Massie (Punt Jousting)
                                            • Elizabeth Marsden (College Crawl)
                                            • Henry Hick (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)
                                            • Jake Symcox (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)
                                            • Joshua Smith (Punt Jousting)
                                            • Liam Flavin (Water Activities [full day])
                                            • Lloyd Pearson (Punt Jousting)
                                            • Lucy Blatherwick (Punt Jousting)
                                            • Mythili Damal Kandadai (Long Hike [full day])
                                            • Oliver Bills (Long Hike [full day])
                                            • Sam Davies (Punt Jousting)
                                            • Sam Morden (Punt Jousting)

                                            SSAGO UEA (0)

                                              St Andrews SSAGO (0)

                                                Swansea University Guides and Scouts (1)

                                                • Huda Abd (Front Crawl)

                                                UCLAN Scout and Guide Society (0)

                                                  University of Bristol Guides and Scouts (5)

                                                  • Alex Day (Water Activities [full day])
                                                  • Annabelle Bale (Front Crawl)
                                                  • Jenny Stevens (Water Activities [full day])
                                                  • Lizzie Howling (Punt Jousting)
                                                  • Owen Jones (Punt Jousting)

                                                  University of Sheffield (8)

                                                  • Andrew Clough (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)
                                                  • Daniel Barry (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)
                                                  • Daniel Brockwell (Punt Jousting)
                                                  • Gemma Price (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)
                                                  • James Clare (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)
                                                  • Jennifer Dobb (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)
                                                  • Jenny Harris (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)
                                                  • Robert Jones (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)

                                                  University of Wales Trinity Saint Davids (0)

                                                    UWE Bristol (10)

                                                    • Beatrice Phanjoo (Pub Golf)
                                                    • Chelsea Bell (Pub Golf)
                                                    • Dan Wyatt (Water Activities [full day])
                                                    • Emily Goatman (Water Activities [full day])
                                                    • Emma Phillips-stafford (Water Activities [full day])
                                                    • Francesca Westwood (Water Activities [full day])
                                                    • John Wyatt (Long Paddle [full day])
                                                    • Lorna Sturgess (Water Activities [full day])
                                                    • Matthew Bowden (Pub Golf)
                                                    • Megan Peeks (Water Activities [full day])

                                                    Warwick Scouts & Guides (0)

                                                      Winchester (0)

                                                        Wolves SSAGO (1)

                                                        • Barbara Cullinan (Water Activities [full day])

                                                        York (0)

                                                          York St John (0)

                                                            If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.