Who's Going?

There are 209 members currently booked on from 30 clubs.
The most recent person to book was Eddie Ellams (Southampton SSAGO).

Aberystwyth Student Scout and Guide Organisation (5)

  • Daphne Pacey (Long Hike [full day])
  • Kerri Veal (Short Hike To Granchester and Girton College)
  • Larah Korrison (College Crawl)
  • Melissa Roberts (Long Paddle [full day])
  • Natalia Elliot (Day Off In Cambridge)

Bangor University Guides and Scouts (1)

  • Caitlin Riley (Water Activities [full day])

Bath University Guides and Scouts (11)

  • Adele Upton (Water Activities [full day])
  • Benjamin Mansbridge (Water Activities [full day])
  • Caroline Nicholls (Water Activities [full day])
  • Devun Mistry (Water Activities [full day])
  • Lander King (Water Activities [full day])
  • Lewis Downward (Water Activities [full day])
  • Madeleine Brett (Water Activities [full day])
  • Matthew Ratcliff (Water Activities [full day])
  • Rachael Botham (Water Activities [full day])
  • Rachel Adams (Water Activities [full day])
  • Rod Jaques (Water Activities [full day])

Birmingham (8)

  • Alex Moore (Punt Jousting)
  • Amber Gollay (Punting to Grantchester)
  • Annabel Coles (Short Hike To Granchester and Girton College)
  • Eleanor Little (Short Hike To Granchester and Girton College)
  • Jonathan Barrett (Egyptian Tomb)
  • Jonathan Miller (Short Hike To Granchester and Girton College)
  • Kathryn Anderson (Long Paddle [full day])
  • Nathan Flaherty (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)

Cambridge (15)

  • Adam Swinton (Short Hike To Granchester and Girton College)
  • Amy Bland (Water Activities [full day])
  • Cara Woods (Punt Jousting Spectator)
  • Caroline Daboo (Staff)
  • Edward Holt (Staff)
  • Eleanor Harpum (Staff)
  • Emma Crickmore (College Crawl)
  • James Timmins (Water Activities [full day])
  • Kazuo Newcombe (Staff)
  • Laurian Cristian Cojocariu (Staff)
  • Matthew Maltby (Staff)
  • Meghan Bird (Punt Jousting)
  • Oliver Cubitt (Staff)
  • Rebecca Rodgers (Armagedon)
  • Thomas Webster (Staff)

Cardiff SSAGS (3)

  • Jack Furby (Museum Crawl)
  • Nicola Batty (Armagedon)
  • Oliver Tripp (Museum Crawl)

Dundee SSAGO (0)

    Durham (0)

      Edinburgh SSAGO (0)

        Essex SSAGO (0)

          Exeter (0)

            Glasgow SSAGO (6)

            • Alannah Fox (Water Activities [full day])
            • Anna Bambrick (College Crawl)
            • Cecilia Rafters (Water Activities [full day])
            • Lauren Whittaker (Punt Jousting)
            • Liam Brown (Long Hike [full day])
            • Ruth Adamson (Water Activities [full day])

            Guest (1)

            • Alex Judd (Staff)

            Hertfordshire University Guides and Scouts (0)

              Hull's Own Guides and Scouts (2)

              • Alexandra Hendon (Water Activities [full day])
              • Kate Mann (Water Activities [full day])

              Indie (12)

              • Ben Kirby (Museum Crawl)
              • Charlotte Arthur (Museum Crawl)
              • Frances Milroy (Punt Jousting)
              • Francesca Herve (Punt Jousting Spectator)
              • Genevieve Tyrrell (Egyptian Tomb)
              • Hannah Beecroft (Water Activities [full day])
              • Jack Gilbert (Water Activities [full day])
              • Laura Daboo (Water Activities [full day])
              • Maddy Finlay (Punt Jousting Spectator)
              • Matthew Johnson (Day Off In Cambridge)
              • Peter Mason (Day Off In Cambridge)
              • Scott Chapman (Punt Jousting)

              Keele SSAGO (5)

              • Ebony Benfield (Day Off In Cambridge)
              • Georgina Westbrook (Day Off In Cambridge)
              • Kerry Harding (Day Off In Cambridge)
              • Maria Glover (Day Off In Cambridge)
              • Reuben Cone (Day Off In Cambridge)

              Lancaster (14)

              • Abigail Dutton (Water Activities [full day])
              • Abigail Roscoe (Long Paddle [full day])
              • Alexandra Stanhope (Short Hike To Granchester and Girton College)
              • Alice Lake (College Crawl)
              • Daisy Richmond (Pub Golf)
              • Edwin Burkinshaw (Vineyard Tour and Tasting)
              • Emma Beeson (Water Activities [full day])
              • Helen Walter (Day Off In Cambridge)
              • Joseph Richardson (College Crawl)
              • Lucy Hodgkiss (Water Activities [full day])
              • Megan Louise Winter (Front Crawl)
              • Pip Anderson (Vineyard Tour and Tasting)
              • Rhys Peploe (Pub Golf)
              • Stephanie Sargeant (Water Activities [full day])

              Leeds (3)

              • Catherine Duffy (Day Off In Cambridge)
              • Naomi Calvert (Day Off In Cambridge)
              • Rebecca Reeve (Day Off In Cambridge)

              Leicester (13)

              • Alec Coomber (Day Off In Cambridge)
              • Amber Bryant-beattie (Day Off In Cambridge)
              • Charlotte Pedley (Museum Crawl)
              • Daniel Mears (Long Paddle [full day])
              • Elizabeth Powell (Egyptian Tomb)
              • Emily Lear (Museum Crawl)
              • Hannah Lewis (Day Off In Cambridge)
              • Jimmy Austin (Long Paddle [full day])
              • Joseph Green (Museum Crawl)
              • Kate Bethany Page (Day Off In Cambridge)
              • Lauren Sabberton (Punting to Grantchester)
              • Lauren Wood (Day Off In Cambridge)
              • Liam Millard (Punting to Grantchester)

              Lincoln University Guides and Scouts (0)

                Liverpool University SSAGO (13)

                • Alex Cleaver (College Crawl)
                • Ben Dale (Short Hike To Granchester and Girton College)
                • Bethany Powell (Pub Golf)
                • Charlotte Dawson (Day Off In Cambridge)
                • Faye Matthews-jones (Museum Crawl)
                • Hannah Goode (Day Off In Cambridge)
                • Heather Locker (Short Hike To Granchester and Girton College)
                • Joe Barnes (College Crawl)
                • Lauren Hill (Museum Crawl)
                • Lizzie Whelehan (Museum Crawl)
                • Oliver Appleby (Short Hike To Granchester and Girton College)
                • Rebecca Taylor (Water Activities [full day])
                • Rio Mcelvenny (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)

                Loughborough (6)

                • Christopher Goodier (Vineyard Tour and Tasting)
                • Hannah Sparkes (Water Activities [full day])
                • Helen Heather-smith (Vineyard Tour and Tasting)
                • Hugh Atkin (Vineyard Tour and Tasting)
                • Isobel Parsons (Vineyard Tour and Tasting)
                • Olivia Grevett (College Crawl)

                Manchester (2)

                • Harriet Bell (Short Hike To Granchester and Girton College)
                • Remy Johnson (Short Hike To Granchester and Girton College)

                Newcastle Universities Student Scout and Guide Group (1)

                • Eleanor Grace Meakin (Geocaching)

                Nottingham (2)

                • Daniel Crawshaw (Short Hike To Granchester and Girton College)
                • Stuart Pattullo (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)

                Oxford University Scout and Guide Group (2)

                • Isabel Budleigh (College Crawl)
                • Rebecca Elliott (Water Activities [full day])

                Plymouth University Guides and Scouts (8)

                • Ashley Fitzhugh (Long Paddle [full day])
                • Elly Wightman (Punt Jousting)
                • Jack Rockett (Long Hike [full day])
                • Jamie Butt (Long Paddle [full day])
                • Leigh Brooks (Punt Jousting Spectator)
                • Matt Mcauley (Punt Jousting Spectator)
                • Oliver Anderson-chapman (Punt Jousting)
                • Thomas Hold (Punt Jousting Spectator)

                Portsmouth SSAGO (4)

                • Ethan Rose (Punt Jousting)
                • Lewis Smith (Water Activities [full day])
                • Tom Barker (Day Off In Cambridge)
                • William Rankin (Water Activities [full day])

                Reading (0)

                  Sheffield Hallam Students Union Guides & Scouts (7)

                  • Anona Mann (Punt Jousting)
                  • Callum Farbrother (Vineyard Tour and Tasting)
                  • Charlotte Head (Punt Jousting)
                  • Kate Hadley (Punting to Grantchester)
                  • Katrina Miller (Vineyard Tour and Tasting)
                  • Rhianna Lenham (Punting to Grantchester)
                  • Sam English (Punting to Grantchester)

                  Solent SSAGO (4)

                  • Kira Hawkins (Water Activities [full day])
                  • Poppy Kavanagh (Water Activities [full day])
                  • Reece Adams (Water Activities [full day])
                  • Ryan Parry (Water Activities [full day])

                  Southampton SSAGO (16)

                  • Alexandra Massie (Punt Jousting)
                  • Andrew Kernan (Long Paddle [full day])
                  • Eddie Ellams (Egyptian Tomb)
                  • Elizabeth Marsden (College Crawl)
                  • Hannah Kaye (Long Paddle [full day])
                  • Henry Hick (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)
                  • Jake Symcox (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)
                  • Joshua Smith (Punt Jousting)
                  • Liam Flavin (Water Activities [full day])
                  • Lloyd Pearson (Punt Jousting)
                  • Lucy Blatherwick (Punt Jousting)
                  • Mythili D. K. (Long Hike [full day])
                  • Oliver Bills (Long Hike [full day])
                  • Sam Davies (Punt Jousting)
                  • Sam Morden (Punt Jousting)
                  • Timothy Bills (College Crawl)

                  SSAGO UEA (0)

                    Swansea University Guides and Scouts (7)

                    • Eloise Bond (Water Activities [full day])
                    • Huda Abd (Front Crawl)
                    • Joshua Sheppard (Vineyard Tour and Tasting)
                    • Kathryn Lovatt (Day Off In Cambridge)
                    • Rhiannon Millar (Day Off In Cambridge)
                    • Sam Reis (Day Off In Cambridge)
                    • Thomas Stevens (Punt Jousting Spectator)

                    UCLAN Scout and Guide Society (0)

                      University of Bristol Guides and Scouts (11)

                      • Alex Day (Water Activities [full day])
                      • Alexander Manning (Long Hike [full day])
                      • Angus Currie (Water Activities [full day])
                      • Annabelle Bale (Front Crawl)
                      • Caitlin Chichester (Geocaching)
                      • Dominic Roe (Short Hike To Granchester and Girton College)
                      • Jenny Stevens (Water Activities [full day])
                      • Lizzie Howling (Punt Jousting)
                      • Owen Jones (Punt Jousting)
                      • Sarah Nugent (Day Off In Cambridge)
                      • Shona Allman (Short Hike To Granchester and Girton College)

                      University of Sheffield (13)

                      • Andrew Clough (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)
                      • Cameron Laight (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)
                      • Daniel Barry (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)
                      • Daniel Brockwell (Punt Jousting)
                      • James Clare (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)
                      • Jennifer Dobb (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)
                      • Jenny Harris (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)
                      • Katie Mcwilliams (College Crawl)
                      • Rachel Arrowsmith (Museum Crawl)
                      • Robert Jones (Big Ducking Pub Crawl)
                      • Sarah Chapman (Egyptian Tomb)
                      • Stephen Hibberd (Punt Jousting Spectator)
                      • Zoe Wright (Staff)

                      University of Wales Trinity Saint Davids (0)

                        UWE Bristol (13)

                        • Anna Heywood (Water Activities [full day])
                        • Beatrice Phanjoo (Pub Golf)
                        • Chelsea Bell (Pub Golf)
                        • Dan Wyatt (Egyptian Tomb)
                        • Elizabeth Hickson (Short Hike To Granchester and Girton College)
                        • Emily Goatman (Water Activities [full day])
                        • Emma Phillips-stafford (Water Activities [full day])
                        • Francesca Westwood (Water Activities [full day])
                        • Jacob French (Armagedon)
                        • John Wyatt (Long Paddle [full day])
                        • Lorna Sturgess (Water Activities [full day])
                        • Matthew Bowden (Pub Golf)
                        • Megan Peeks (Water Activities [full day])

                        Wolves SSAGO (1)

                        • Barbara Cullinan (Water Activities [full day])

                        If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.