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What inspired you to have such an excellent Q&A system? 🤔

I wonder 🤔
p.s. Have you heard about WomBall?

Where is Bjørn and can they be stolen?

They've been residing with our rally chair, however they'll hopefully be making an apperance at WomBall. Whilst National Event mascots are stealable (at least before they retire, post-event), they can't be stolen at the event they represent, so good luck trying to steal him!

If Bjørn was a Greggs bake/other pastry product, which one would he be?

We don't think he could be anything other than the legendary Greggs Sausage Roll

Can you give me a fun fact about the Tyne and Wear Metro? I'm buzzing to ride it on the all day pub crawl!

Every station on the Metro are coloured with the Metro's colours of Yellow and Black, except 2. St James is coloured black and white, and Stadium of Light is coloured red and white. This is to represent the respective football teams which you'd visit from those stops.

Does Bjørn have any siblings?

He doesn't have any siblings, but according to Tom Webster he has a distant cousin - you'll have to ask him for more details though!

Bjørn, what are your pronouns?

Bjørn uses he/him pronouns, but is also chill if you want to use gender neutral pronouns!

Does Bjørn have a girlfriend?

Nope, who's asking 👀
p.s. he's open to male & enby mascots too

What is the most exciting thing about Viking Rally?

There's lots to choose from! Why not check out what our team are most looking forwards to on our Meet The Team page?

How many does an indoor room sleep?

The centre has a variety of rooms upstairs ranging from 2 to 6 people, in bunk beds. The accessible room downstairs sleeps 4 in two bunk beds. The tented village can accommodate 5 people per tent.

What advice do you have for those who are attending Viking Rally as their first rally?

Our website has a dedicated page with information for those that are attending as their first rally. Our main advice though would be don't be afraid to get stuck in and mix with others - SSAGO really is a friendly bunch of people!

What advice do you have for those getting to Rally via train and getting in very late potentially past midnight? - My uni won't tell me when I'm in till the evening before and that could be till late (Potentially 7pm) and I have 4+ hour train to get to Rally too

We are currently planning to run shuttle buses between Durham station and the campsite until around 11pm, however we will be asking people when booking what time they expect to arrive if going by public transport, so if you are going to arrive after this point we will plan to be able to pick you up. We want to encourage as many people as possible to use public transport to come to Viking Rally, as it is better for the environment (and for our Logistics Officer's stress levels) so we will make sure that anyone who chooses to come on public transport can make it to the campsite!

Is there anywhere to park onsite?

Yes. There is a reasonably sized car park onsite, and we're exploring options for overflow parking too (just in case).

How old is Bjørn? Is he a Baby Bjørn?

Sadly he's not a baby anymore, at least not in human years. He's actually 29, as he was born at the last Viking Rally, back in Autumn 1991!

Geordies or mackems? (There's only one right answer)

Obviously it's got to be Geordies!

When does booking open?

Bookings will be opening in early October, with the exact date & time being widely communicated in advance! This should be after all universities have started back, so it will hopefully mean freshers have had at least a brief chance to get signed up to SSAGO in advance of bookings opening.

Can we be friends?

Of course, Bjørn is friends with all of SSAGO!

Will you come to Minecraft Mayhem when it restarts??

Bjørn may pop along 👀

Are we allowed to bring guests to rally?

Unfortunately, since capacity is limited (even if it is quite high), we need to keep the space available for SSAGO members and staff. Whilst some VIP guests may pop along, if all of our attendees wanted to bring guests with them, we would have to say no to some people, and that would not be fair. Of course, if the guest you wanted to bring along is a student, they can always join SSAGO (https://www.ssago.org/join), either at a local club or as an Indie.

How many people will there be at Viking Rally?

We wish we knew, but we will not know for sure until bookings close about a week before. You will be able to keep an eye on the number increasing on the website once bookings open though. At the moment, we are planning for anything from say 100 to 400 people! The last couple of in person rallies were around the 300 person mark though, so we would anticipate something like that again.

Will there be the option to sleep indoors?

Yes. There are 40 beds in the main centre, and the majority will be available for general bookings (with some being reserved for staff, etc.).

What are the similarities between Newcastle and Barbados?

  • Chloe has been to both places
  • There is at least one A and S in each name (with the As before the Ss too)
  • There is a sea next to both of them
  • They both share the same official language (English, not Geordie that is)
  • Both known for having docks / ports / cruise ships, etc.

Can people who are unfortunate enough to live in Wales attend Rally? Like can we camp now?

We discussed this with the Exec during our joint meeting with them the other week, when we made our go / no go decision. As it stands, the Scouts readiness level for Wales would not allow you to attend, however there was a general consensus that we are very hopeful the rule will be altered in advance.

If we scout in England but live in Wales, who's rules do we have to follow?

People will have to follow the rules of the country they're travelling from (or through) to the event. It is also worth pointing out that the Scouts have said Wales is expected to move to green readiness level on 17th September, so no restrictions should be in place in this case.

Will there be gunge?

That would be telling 👀

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.