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Previous Answers

Will the committee provide access to a time machine of some description to allow us to sign up?

Unfortunately the Doctor Who experience at Cardiff Bay closed a number of years ago, so we will be unable to provide time machines. But you won't actually need one, we're sure you're clever enough to work out what the post meant!


Under the current welsh guidelines, is the rally able to go ahead as planned in February?

We refer you to the "COVID Notice" displayed on our home page! Under current Welsh restrictions, Rali is not possible, since a maximum of 50 people are permitted at an outdoor event. However, we are hopeful restrictions will be eased by the time of Rali, hence why we are proceeding with bookings. As per the COVID notice on our homepage, if by February the decision has been made that Rali cannot proceed then any bookings will be refunded or retained for a postponed Rali.


Would it not look bad for SSAGO to be running an event under current Welsh rules, given public reception to seeing large groups of adults in cities for the event?

Please see the above answer; we are currently discussing how to proceed with Exec, and if restrictions do not ease we will likely decide to postpone or cancel the event. Our current stance is that it doesn't make sense to stop planning immediately, since restrictions can be incredibly volatile. If we were to stop now and restrictions eased, we would miss our opportunity; since we've already postponed once we're keen not to do so again.


Will there be an option for an afternoon pub crawl?

The pub crawls have been removed following advice from the Exec in order to keep SSAGO's aims in line with current Scouting guidance, primarily for hospitality reasons. If guidance changes they may be reinstated; in the meantime a list of recommended pubs will be included with the "afternoon off guide", for anyone who wishes to sample Cardiff's local beers in their own time.


Been as Wales is known as the land of song will Welsh pieces of music be sang/played at Rali?

We guess so? It is likely the music used during the Twmpath will be celtic-themed, and the silent disco may include some Welsh music. As always, if you've got anything specific in mind, let us know!


Will there be a bar on site?

No. This is for three reasons:

1. The mixed attitudes towards the bar, and alcohol consumption in general, at Viking Rally
2. Both current licensing requirements and keeping SSAGO's aims in line with scout guidance make it unfeasible right now
3. There's very little extra space on site to place one!


Given SSAGO follow the same rules of Network, can Rali not go ahead using the exemptions that the Scouts have in place in Wales?

A full review of all guidance is planned with Exec over the coming week (3rd-9th Jan). Currently, ScoutsCymru guidance for Adult-only events follows the same group size restrictions as Welsh Government guidance, which is a maximum of 50 outdoors and 30 indoors. However, we are hopeful restrictions will be eased by the time of Rali, hence why we are proceeding with bookings. As per the COVID notice on our homepage, if by February the decision has been made that Rali cannot proceed then any bookings will be refunded or retained for a postponed Rali.


Have you got a specific date in mind for making a final decision as to whether you're going ahead or not? People won't want to book transport & time off work until we know more certainly that it's going ahead.

The latest a final decision could be made is 2 weeks before Rali, i.e. the first week of February. However we do understand that members, including those on our staff, will be booking transport; as such we aim to make this decision as far in advance as is possible.


Will early bird booking still be available or extended so people can book on once we know for sure (or as sure as possible)?

Currently we do not intend to adjust the advertised booking phases. They may be included in our review with Exec over the coming week (3rd-9th Jan), depending on the outcome of any restriction alterations.


What exciting merch will Rali be offering?

Current merch offerings include a Rali badge and a Splŵt badge, a Rali necker in Welsh colours with an embroidered gold dragon outline, and a red beanie also with the gold dragon outline. You can also order a welshcake to be delivered to your valentine, and we've just added Splŵt trolley tokens - don't worry, if you've already booked on, there'll be a chance to grab one of these as well!


Will you be releasing any stretch goals throughout bookings? If so, when's the first one?

We have one or two lined up so far, yes! They will likely be released on our social medias at 200, 250 and 300 completed bookings.


For activities that are fully booked which we've expressed interest in, will we be able to alter our bookings at a later date if more spaces become available or do we have to wait hoping more space will become available?

If an activity you're interested in is already full, ***please*** click the "I'm interested" button! This adds you to a waiting list, from which we can add people as and when places become available. When places are available you will be contacted by email to confirm you are willing to switch - please keep an eye on your emails, since if we don't hear back we'll assume you don't want it and may offer it to someone else! If we are able to add a significant number of places to an activity we will first offer them to those on the waiting list, then release the remaining places with suitable advertising on social media to allow others to switch themselves.


How much parking will be available and what are the alternatives if there isn't room?

If you know CRAI, you know the on-site carpark is quite small. If your vehicle will not be used for transport on the Saturday, it is likely we will guide you to a parking space in the adjacent Football Club. However we still advise you to arrive by shared/public transport where possible.


I know there's no bar because of the drunk fiascos of Viking Rally, can we not have a 'mocktail' bar or a non-alcoholic bar? Surely we should be teaching moderation and be providing a sober alternative. People will still drink

The biggest factor stopping us from holding an on-site bar is cost and effort. And, in fact, space on site! The issues from former rallies could have been solved, I'm sure, but we haven't got the resourses to apply for this to be successful. This was a very roundabout way of saying bring your own drinks - alcoholic or not!

Given rules regarding getting PCR tests have changed in England, can we expect an update in policy to reflect this?

This question has been voided as the event has been postponed, but please note we'll be following the slightly differing Welsh rules than English. (If this was a question for national policy, not Rali Cymru policy, please address the exec)


If we had booked but not paid before the postponement announcement, are we able to pay for just the merch on our original booking or do we need to go through the new shop when it opens?

We'll have to manually refund each person - thanks to our great opening day, we're going to be busy - and at the moment we're still figuring out how the refunds will be working. We'll update this answer when we know more!


Will there be any form of virtual rally take place over the rally weekend now that it has been postponed?

We haven't anything planned for the weekend online. I'm sure Thomas will come up with some video, and maybe a shared Zoom call for the AGM, but nothing to the extent Green Rally Yellow Rally had. I'm sure the exec will be happy to host something if you're offering to run it, however!

Can we update merchandise on our bookings if we want more now Rali has been postponed?

The bookings have been shut for the time being as we sort out refunds for camp fees - but don't fret! We're working with Oli on making a shop specifically for Rali merch pre-event, and as soon as that's ready we'll do another big announcement for it! Any questions you have regarding merch should be resolved in the next few days as we set up this new process. Seeing as we have more time to play with too, we'll be coming up with more fun stuff to slap a dragon on!

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.