Select your activities for Saturday; if these aren't enough we have more activities on offer on Friday and Saturday nights which range from the energetic to the relaxing. Those activities which are afternoon only will also compete in our morning activity abDUCKtion.

Please note that the long paddle, water activities and long hike are full day activities; you will miss the morning activity in Cambridge but will be bussed in later for the ceilidh. Those on the long paddle and long hike will also miss the Gadaffy Plate challenge however those on water activities will get a chance to see it. All water activities will have the opportunity for a shower before the ceilidh. There are no accessible toilets at the water activities site.

Punt Jousting Full

Punting is a traditional Cambridge mode of transport and punt jousting is our traditional (well 1970s) take on it. It's been held every year in various locations on the river and this year we'll be returning to it's recent home on Coe Fen, it's an activity enshrined in CUSAGC's constitution, requiring an AGM or EGM to modify the rules. Think Gladiator pommels but balanced on the front of a punt, you'll need to duck your opponents blows while swinging your own. We're anticipating this to be popular as it was in 2012 so book early and we'll try and make sure every gets a chance. You are guaranteed to splash on this activity so bring a change of clothes, there's public showers nearby.

Cost: £5.00

Spaces remaining: 0/18

Punt Jousting Spectator

If you like watching people knocked into a river this is for you. Spend the day spectating the punt jousting tournament, we'll have picnic blankets to sit on to view the entertainment and maybe some Pimms too. You'll be free to wander into Cambridge while on this activity, however click this if you plan on mainly watching punt jousting.

Cost: £0.00

Spaces remaining: Unlimited

Water Activities [full day]

Fancy spending a day on the water? We’ve got a wide range of things for you to try, we’ll be offering people an opportunity later to rank the activities and will then assign groups and rotations so as many people get to try what they want. We have stand up paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, bell boats, raft building and some power boats to try as well as some land activities like archery and air rifle shooting and slacklining and zip lines both of which may involve a watery drop… This will be a full day activity and there'll be chance to shower before heading to the ceilidh. You will get to see part of the Gadaffy challenge at lunchtime.

Cost: £15.00

Spaces remaining: 7/50

Punting to Grantchester Full

Have a leisurely trip up river to Grantchester, past some of the sights and ducks of Cambridge. You'll have an opportunity to have a go at punting as well and the more adventurous can try bridge hopping, climbing out of the punt onto a bridge and aiming to climb back over the other side before the punt leaves, too. In Grantchester there will be a brief pub stop or chance to see the sights before punting back, you'll also see punt jousting on your way past (but no interfering!). You may want a change of clothes for this activity as novice punters sometimes end up in the water.

Cost: £10.00

Spaces remaining: 0/6

Long Paddle [full day]

This is the duck variant of a long hike! A day trip taking you up the Great Ouse and over it’s lochs via Kayak, there will be a stop at a pub and a packed lunch before kayaking back (the easy way down river). This is a full day excursion and will require some physical fitness in both paddling and porting the boats; however, we’ll have people on hand to help with the kayaking and be providing all the essential gear. If you’d like to bring your own equipment let us know, we’ll not be able to provide spray decks. You’ll need a change of clothes for this activity and there'll be a chance to shower before the ceilidh.

Cost: £15.00

Spaces remaining: 7/12

College Crawl

The university of Cambridge is broken into 31 different colleges founded between 1284 and 1977. We'll be 'crawling' between several of the central colleges (hopefully) including Queens', King's, Trinity, (St Johns), Jesus, Emmanuel, Downing, Peterhouse and Pembroke Colleges, which include the oldest college and the opportunity to see one of the 'new' colleges Downing, founded in 1800. Some members of CUSAGC will be on hand to provide a personal tour of their own college too.

Cost: £0.00

Spaces remaining: 8/12

Museum Crawl

Cambridge has hundreds of small, free museums, we'll be crawling between several including the Fitzwilliam Museum, containing the universities art and antiques, Cambridge Folk Museum, the Scott Polar Museum and more. There's even a duck to see in the archaeology and anthropology museum!

Cost: £0.00

Spaces remaining: 9/12

Front Crawl

Jesus Green Pool is one of the longest outdoor pools in Europe at 91m, if you fancy a day of swimming like a duck or just some sunbathing on the edge this is a great place for it. The pool is also fully accessible with hoist.

Cost: £4.00

Spaces remaining: 8/12

Short Hike To Granchester and Girton College

Starting along the backs the short hike passes by Castle Mound and out towards Girton College, the furthest of the university colleges, there'll be a chance to look around too. From here the walk is across some of Cambridge’s small hills and low trig points, past the American Cemetery into Grantchester. After a stop at the pub and/or play area there we follow the river Granta downstream to Coe Fen where Punt Jousting takes place. This will be a relaxed paced afternoon hike.

Cost: £0.00

Spaces remaining: 15/20

Long Hike [full day]

Head into the depths of Thetford Forest for a full day ramble in the country side! This activity will result in you missing the Gaddafy plate challenge.

Cost: £0.00

Spaces remaining: 8/12


Spend 60 minutes at the Cambridge Clip'N'Climb where climbing meets amusement park. With 20 walls there's plenty to keep you occupied including speed walls and a head to head.

Cost: £16.00

Spaces remaining: 12/12

Egyptian Tomb

The most popular game in Budapest in it’s original form - We’ve added several ramps and ante-chambers to the original tunnel system within it. Expect secret doors, big wooden physical puzzles, Egyptian art and a life-size sarcophagus! Please note this activity is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

Cost: £22.00

Spaces remaining: 3/5

Secret Agent

Escape from a cold war era safehouse hidden under the streets of Cambridge. You need to get out alive, complete with evidence of double-agent Kim Philby’s betrayal. Features secret hidden doors, severed thumbs and a big gun! Please note this activity is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

Cost: £22.00

Spaces remaining: 3/5


In the Cavendish Armageddon Game you work together to destroy a giant meteor hurtling towards the Earth! Break into a secret laboratory within the Physics Department of the University of Cambridge and figure out how to fire the meteor defense missile. Please note this activity is unfortunately not fully wheelchair accessible, contact us for more information.

Cost: £22.00

Spaces remaining: 3/5

Big Ducking Pub Crawl Full

Travel round some of the cheaper establishment in Cambridge, including the Regal pub, one of Britain's largest at over 10,000 sqft and also becoming a night club on Saturday evenings, where we'll be stopping for food. This will be a more intense crawl than the Ale Crawl. The typical price for a pint is £4-5 in Cambridge, however we'll be spending some time in Wetherspoons which is cheaper!

Cost: £0.00

Spaces remaining: 0/12

Pub Golf

Come along and join us for a golf themed crawl where you'll be aiming to score birdies while travelling around some of Cambridge's pubs. Golf attire is optional however this crawl is designed to be slightly more intense than other crawls so be warned! The final drink will be a responsibly from the ceilidh bar, so you could buy it in advance and save 10%!

Cost: £0.00

Spaces remaining: 6/12

Vineyard Tour and Tasting

Visit Chilford Hall, one of England’s oldest established vineyards which has won multiple awards and is one of the largest in East Anglia at 18 acres, with 17000 vines and 9 different varieties and similar soil conditions as the Champagne region. The vinification process takes place on the estate too. Chilford Hall wine is characterised by clean flavour, a fragrant nose, fruit body and good acidity. There is around a mile of walking in this activity showing you the whole wine making process, from the vines to the drinking!

Cost: £20.00

Spaces remaining: 14/16

Day Off In Cambridge

Free reign to do whatever you like in the city! Cambridge has lots to do including several free Museums, you can walk around some of the colleges of Cambridge University for free (some require a fee and some are closed for graduations just after rally) or visit the Grand Arcade or Grafton Shopping Centres or one of Cambridge's many historical pubs. You can also arrange to visit the Escape Rooms or Clip'N'Climb for an hour which are both local favourites. You'll also be able to wander over and see punt jousting however pick this if you plan to spend most of your time away from it.

Cost: £0.00

Spaces remaining: Unlimited


Be a mother duck and look after all the SSAGO ducklings.

Cost: £0.00

Spaces remaining: Unlimited

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact