How to Un-wine

Just a small selection of the highlights!

Roman Baths

Go back in time and explore the city’s historic centre, the Roman baths! Whilst sadly you can no longer bathe in it, you can still try drinking some of the natural spring water.

Skyline Walk

A gentle hike to see the beautiful cityscapes Bath has to offer!

Board Games Cafe

Join us for a competitive afternoon of board games, hot drinks and fun!

Bath City Farm

Come join us for an adventure down at the farm! With cows, chickens, goats and sheep to name a few farmyard animals to see

Spa Experience

Fancy a once in a lifetime spa afternoon? The Thermae spa has lots to offer!

Pub Crawl with a Twist!

Join us on a trip through Bath's most important institutions!

Morning Activity: Bath Monopoly Run

Get to know our historic city with a mad dash around the most famous locations. And, as promised, comes with the opportunity to get a 2nd badge!

Morning Activity: SSAGO Goes to the King of Wessex

You asked for it, you got it! Spoons is now a morning activity!

Morning Activity: Morning Hike

Get into Bath city centre the old fashioned way, whilst enjoying the beautiful views.

Morning Activity: Coffee Crawl

Fancy a nice relaxing morning touring Baths 2nd most important institutions? Then take this leisurely journey round our finest cafes!

Morning Off

None of our suggestions taking your fancy? Got something else in mind to do in Bath? Never fear! As we are all being dropped off in the centre of Bath, you have lots to do right at your fingertips. Take a morning off and explore our beautiful city.

Morning Activity: Lie In

A first for SSAGO! An activity in which you are allowed to be asleep for! Early mornings not for you? Heighten your luxury at rally, lie in your cosy tent in the morning, get breakfast delivered in bed and then we'll get you to town in time for lunch! *Limited numbers apply*

Morning Activity: Study Session

The best of both worlds! A weekend with SSAGO and the time to finish up any urgent work! Make use of our city centre work space to get some work done


More coming soon!

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