Y Safle / The Site

We will be staying at CRAI Scout Activity Centre near Newport in South Wales, check out their website *here*.

Facilities Available

  • A large indoor hall
  • Toilet block with showers
  • Indoor accommodation - unfortunately this is limited to 2 rooms of bunk beds. Priority will be given to those who need indoor beds, with the remaining beds sold on a first-come first-served basis.
  • A large camping field - sloping away from the main buildings, with quieter camping areas towards the far end of the site
  • A campfire circle with a seating area

The site also has wooded areas suitable for bivvies and *may* have a hammock area by the time of Rali, for those brave enough!

Mud Warning

With over 200 people using the site, many areas could get very muddy. Whilst we will be implementing a variety of Mud Mitigation Measures to prevent mud in the buildings, we still recommend you are prepared for it, especially if we are forecast rain!

Good boots and waterproof trousers are heavily recommended, and if you are using the indoor accommodation a change of shoes may be useful. Don't bring your best pair of white jeans unless you'd like them dying brown, and PLEASE keep to any marked paths - DO NOT cross any fence lines however temporary they may seem, they will be there for a reason!

Site Map

The following plan is a plan of the site with camping areas approximately marked. Entrance to the site is via the car park.

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.