Siwrnai Splŵt / Splŵt's Journey

Play along with Splŵt's journey to Rali Cymru!

For the first time in SSAGO history, an addictive video game for rally has been created. Collect as many welsh cakes as possible in the least amount of time, and upload the result to the site!

Remember to screenshot your final scores

NOTE: If the game does not load to 100% the first time you play, refresh the page and allow time for it to load.

The game is not compatible for mobile devices.

Please click here to play the whole experience with sound

Submit a score

You will need a screenshot of your final score

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Club Member Cakes Time
Newcastle Universities Student Scout and Guide Group Ellie Meakin 163 8:40
Sheffield StinGS Polly Chappell 154 8:31
Southampton SSAGO Nicholas Bond 151 5:52
Independent Members Tom Webster 151 9:49
Southampton SSAGO Sophie Foster 107 6:21
Independent Members Alexia Beale 20 0:39

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