Rally Update


As you may have guessed Build-A-Rally is not going to be quite like a normal Rally! We’ll be hosting the normal weekend of fun, but instead of coming all the way to Southampton, we’re bringing Rally to you! We are planning to have a full weekend of activities, keeping to the normal Rally structure as much as possible with morning and afternoon activities, as well as the usual evening activities!

We will kick off  the weekend with the Opening Ceremony at 8pm on Friday. As usual with rallies, there will also be a few optional activities on the Friday evening, some before and after the opening ceremony. This will be followed by a weekend packed full of varied and fun activities! Crucially, these won’t all require you to be sat in front of your computer for the whole weekend - unless that’s what works for you of course!

When booking on, you’ll get the chance to pick the activities you’ll be doing during the weekend, much like the normal Rally booking. Excitingly however, because you won’t need to waste Sunday in a car/minibus/plane/train, you’ll get a whole extra day of activities! This means there will be four main activity slots (Saturday Morning, Saturday Afternoon, Sunday Morning, Sunday Afternoon), where you can pick your favourites from a range of activities.

Activities will obviously be provided in a slightly different manner to normal, but we want to make sure that anyone who wants to join in with Rally can! As such, we will be providing a range of activities in each slot to make sure that if you want to group into a team of 6 for the Rally weekend we have activities for you, but similarly if you want to (or have to) complete the weekend on your own, it will still be good fun! Every activity slot will have options for a group activity and activities to join in with as a person on their own. Similarly, there will be options to join in online, but also activities to do out in the real world! Some activities may require us to buy you some equipment, so there may be a small cost associated with those activities, but as usual, there will always be free options. In some ways, it will be the most accessible Rally there has ever been!

On Friday and Saturday there will also be the chance to join in with big group activities - just like a normal Rally! There will definitely be a campfire, and we’re hoping to even manage something ceilidh-like! This is the chance to chat to SSAGO friends from across the country, new or old!

Each group or individual that takes part in Rally will receive a parcel through the post containing a whole host of bits and bobs to help get you in the Rally spirit! We hope that this will connect everyone across the country, and will also provide some fun things to do in between your activities! These parcels will also contain any equipment that we need to send you for your chosen activities, as well as any merchandise you’ve ordered from us. All in all, it’ll be a very exciting package!

Booking will be opening on the 15th October (not long!). As we’re not hosting you in Southampton, the price of Rally will be vastly reduced, with the early bird price being £5, the normal price of £8 and a late price of £10! This will help to cover the postage of the parcels as well as the exciting goodies inside!

Hopefully this has gotten you as excited about Rally as we are, so get ready for November!


How will costing work?

Very similar to a normal rally, there will be a base cost, (£5 early bird, £8 normal, £10 late). Some activities will then have additional costs. These costs will then be added up when you book and like a normal rally will be payable by the individual, even where activities are being run by the club. Your club may charge a fee for any venue hire cost they incur but, like rally transport costs, this will be decided on a club level. 

Covid safeguarding 

We will risk assess all in group activities and the exec have agreed to look over these risk assessments too. Clubs will then need to add anything specific to the location activities are carried out in. 

What will happen if there is an unexpected local or national lockdown or someone needs to self isolate? 

As with all rallies if your (or everyone’s)  circumstances change between booking and rally we will make every effort to accommodate this. If you’re booked onto in person activities and are no longer able to do these you will be able to change your activity choices to online activities either on the website or by sending us an email. Unfortunately if items have been posted out we may still need to charge for these but hopefully you will be able to use them at a later date.

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.