Pwyllgor / Committee



Aaron Ramsey

Course: Computer Science

Favourite Campsite: Beaudesert Scout Campsite




Jenny Thyer

Course: Computer Science

Favourite Paper: Isometric




Isobelle Robson

Course: Forensic Accounting

Favourite Coin: Chocolate Coin




Jonathan Leadley

Course: Law (LLB)

Favourite Type of Bread: Baguette because I'm belgian



Activities Manager:

Izzy Hooper

Course: Stage Management

Monopoly piece of choice: The Car




Charlotte Bankes

Course: Maths

Favourite Shape: An Irregular tricontadigon... (It's Splwt)




Lauren Kingston

Course: Education

Favourite Meme: Imagine Garfield saying "due to personal reasons i will now be making microware noises in the corner for the next 3-5 business days"



Shop Manager:

Daniel Price

Course: Biological Science

Favourite Shop: Tesco



Bean bag:

Ben Gane

Course: Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Favourite Chair: Wouldn't you like to know ;-)




Thomas Stevens

Course: Materials Science

2nd Best Place to Sit: Right arm of the sofa



Activities Supervisor / Not a chair just ground:

Nick Bond

Course: Civil Engineering

Favourite ground: Sand because sand castles




Robert Alden

Course: War and Society

Best part of War and Society: The "and" part

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