Who's Going

There are 243 members currently booked on from 29 clubs.
The most recent person to book was Julia Morris (Glasgow SSAGO).

Aberystwyth Student Scout and Guide Organisation (10)

  • Aaron Ramsey (Energi Trampolining)
  • Daphne Pacey (Castle Tour )
  • James Ward (Escape Rooms Lancaster)
  • Kerri Veal (Escape Rooms Lancaster)
  • Mark David Marshall (Castle Tour )
  • Melissa Roberts (Escape Rooms Lancaster)
  • Natalia Elliot (Energi Trampolining)
  • Philip Mottershead (Cafe Crawl)
  • Taneisha Warner (Cafe Crawl)
  • Vanesa Juhaszova (Castle Tour )

Bangor University Guides and Scouts (7)

  • Caitlin Riley (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))
  • Emma Horan (Energi Trampolining)
  • Joseph James (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))
  • Kate Grimshaw (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))
  • Mich Leecy (Energi Trampolining)
  • Niall Marsay (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))
  • Victoria Jamieson (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))

Bath University Guides and Scouts (8)

  • Adam Stacey (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))
  • Adele Upton (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))
  • Brittany Long (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))
  • Caroline Nicholls (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))
  • Madeleine Brett (Cafe Crawl)
  • Matthew Ratcliff (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))
  • Qi An (Short Quest)
  • Rachel Adams (Castle Tour )

Birmingham (8)

  • Alice Appleby (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald )
  • Dominic Trott (Short Quest)
  • Eleanor Teather (Castle Tour )
  • Jonathan Barrett (Castle Tour )
  • Kathryn Anderson (Long Quest (Full Day))
  • Nathan Flaherty (Escape Rooms Lancaster)
  • Rory Dunne (Board Games)
  • Rosie Platten (Cafe Crawl)

Cambridge (3)

  • Caitlin Stark (Lakes Aquarium)
  • Oliver Cubitt (Brewery tour and pub crawl)
  • Thomas Webster (U2 Pub Crawl)

Cardiff SSAGS (4)

  • James Crampton (Board Games)
  • Nicola Batty (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald )
  • Oliver Tripp (Geocaching)
  • Pollie Van Kesteren (Cafe Crawl)

Delftsche Zwervers Dutch Contingent (6)

  • Brian Otten (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))
  • Daphne Zoetmulder (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
  • Jorrit Scholten (Brewery tour and pub crawl)
  • Laura Ottevanger (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))
  • Noortje Van Der Horst (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))
  • Pelle Stoffelen (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))

Dundee SSAGO (0)

    Durham (2)

    • Hannah Sparkes (Short Quest)
    • Lucy Morgan (Afternoon off in Windermere)

    Edinburgh SSAGO (0)

      Essex SSAGO (0)

        Exeter (7)

        • Aakruthi Karri (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))
        • Alex Knapp (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald )
        • Elizabeth Gambrill (Escape Rooms Lancaster)
        • Eve Nebbiolo (Brewery tour and pub crawl)
        • Ingebjorg Holmedal (Long Quest (Full Day))
        • Michelle Bailey (Brewery tour and pub crawl)
        • Rachel James (Pottery Painting)

        Glasgow SSAGO (10)

        • Alannah Fox (Clip N' Climb Preston)
        • Anna Bambrick (Cafe Crawl)
        • Catherine Browne (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
        • Cecilia Rafters (Lakes Aquarium)
        • Joanne (seonag) Gibb (Geocaching)
        • Julia Morris (Energi Trampolining)
        • Lauren Whittaker (Afternoon off in Windermere)
        • Liam Brown (Castle Tour )
        • Lucy Tregoning (Day off in Blackpool (Full Day))
        • Ruth Adamson (Castle Tour )

        Hertfordshire University Guides and Scouts (0)

          Hull's Own Guides and Scouts (4)

          • Alexandra Hendon (Afternoon off in Windermere)
          • Bethany Smith (Afternoon off in Windermere)
          • Kate Mann (Long Quest (Full Day))
          • Rebecca Coy (Afternoon off in Windermere)

          Indie (5)

          • Anthoney Gathercole (Castle Tour )
          • Barbara Cullinan (Pottery Painting)
          • Hannah Morland (Afternoon off in Windermere)
          • Leigh Brooks (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))
          • Nathan Friel (Geocaching)

          Keele SSAGO (16)

          • Anna Thompson (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
          • Carrie Mccoy (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
          • Charlotte Moseley (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
          • Chloe Williams (Clip N' Climb Preston)
          • Edward Shakespeare (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
          • Eva Mcadam (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
          • Georgina Westbrook (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
          • Heather Whyte (Short Quest)
          • Jake Richards (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
          • Kerry Harding (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
          • Laura Smith (Afternoon off in Windermere)
          • Maria Glover (Afternoon off in Windermere)
          • Paris Wood (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
          • Rachel Ownsworth (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
          • Reuben Cone (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
          • Rose Moran (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))

          Kernow SSAGO (3)

          • Alexandra Massie (Escape Rooms Lancaster)
          • Emily Wild (Clip N' Climb Preston)
          • Louise Cross (Escape Rooms Lancaster)

          Lancaster (31)

          • Abigail Dutton (Short Quest)
          • Abigail Roscoe (Energi Trampolining)
          • Alex Critchley (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald )
          • Alex Dhawan (Geocaching)
          • Alexandra Stanhope (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
          • Alice Lake (Long Quest (Full Day))
          • Amy Garrad (Lakes Aquarium)
          • Clare Cowgill (Pottery Painting)
          • Daisy Richmond (U2 Pub Crawl)
          • David Thomas (Long Quest (Full Day))
          • Edwin Burkinshaw (Escape Rooms Lancaster)
          • Emily Clymer (Board Games)
          • Emma Beeson (Geocaching)
          • Heidi Jones (Board Games)
          • Helen Walter (Short Quest)
          • Isabel Clark (Clip N' Climb Preston)
          • Jessica Bradley (Cafe Crawl)
          • Joanna Meacham (Cafe Crawl)
          • Kenny Curlett (Brewery tour and pub crawl)
          • Libby Adamson (Lakes Aquarium)
          • Lucy Hodgkiss (Board Games)
          • Megan Louise Winter (Pottery Painting)
          • Millie Beardsworth (Castle Tour )
          • Pip Anderson (Afternoon off in Windermere)
          • Rachel Hendrikse (Escape Rooms Lancaster)
          • Rhys Peploe (U2 Pub Crawl)
          • Samuel Copner (Clip N' Climb Preston)
          • Simon Irwin (Long Quest (Full Day))
          • Stephanie Sargeant (Brewery tour and pub crawl)
          • Thomas Guppy (Afternoon off in Windermere)
          • Tom Hughes (Energi Trampolining)

          Leeds (0)

            Leicester (12)

            • Abi Watkins (Afternoon off in Windermere)
            • Alec Coomber (Afternoon off in Windermere)
            • Amber Bryant-beattie (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
            • Emily Lear (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald )
            • Heather Dodson (Afternoon off in Windermere)
            • Jess Shire (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
            • Jimmy Austin (Escape Rooms Lancaster)
            • Lauren Sabberton (Escape Rooms Lancaster)
            • Lauren Wood (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
            • Liam Millard (Afternoon off in Windermere)
            • Peter Eveling (Short Quest)
            • Samuel Bamford (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))

            Lincoln University Guides and Scouts (0)

              Liverpool University SSAGO (8)

              • Aisling Bridger (Castle Tour )
              • Bethany Powell (Brewery tour and pub crawl)
              • Catherine Hall (Escape Rooms Lancaster)
              • Charlotte Dawson (Geocaching)
              • Joe Barnes (Long Quest (Full Day))
              • Louise Buchan (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald )
              • Oliver Appleby (Afternoon off in Windermere)
              • Rio Mcelvenny (Energi Trampolining)

              Loughborough (5)

              • Emily Sou (Board Games)
              • Esme Coward (Short Quest)
              • Hugh Atkin (Brewery tour and pub crawl)
              • Molly Exall (Clip N' Climb Preston)
              • Olivia Grevett (Board Games)

              Manchester (9)

              • Elizabeth Roberts (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald )
              • Emma Dixon (Pottery Painting)
              • Harriet Bell (U2 Pub Crawl)
              • Helen Adams (Pottery Painting)
              • Helena Holden (Pottery Painting)
              • Jenny Chandler (Pottery Painting)
              • Jessica Parker (Pottery Painting)
              • Katherine Thomas (Clip N' Climb Preston)
              • Neil Allen Roy (Short Quest)

              Martinistam Dutch Contingent (1)

              • Yke Wijnker (Long Quest (Full Day))

              Maynooth Rovers Irish Contingent (0)

                Newcastle Universities Student Scout and Guide Group (0)

                  Nottingham (17)

                  • Andrew Faunt (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
                  • Bekah Dowd (Long Quest (Full Day))
                  • Billy Newsham (Short Quest)
                  • Emma Chloe Davies (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
                  • Emma Smith (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
                  • Francesca Wardzinski (Cafe Crawl)
                  • Georgie Marshall (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
                  • Grace Duncan (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
                  • Jack Deanus (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
                  • Jasmine Newton-rae (Castle Tour )
                  • Kathryn Tebbs (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
                  • Katie Finch (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald )
                  • Kirsty Falcus (Cafe Crawl)
                  • Nicholas Thompson (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald )
                  • Oliver Flaks (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald )
                  • Sonja Bottomer (Geocaching)
                  • Stuart Pattullo (Afternoon off in Windermere)

                  NovioMaguStam Dutch Contingent (1)

                  • Bas De Cock (Brewery tour and pub crawl)

                  Oxford University Scout and Guide Group (0)

                    Plymouth University Guides and Scouts (0)

                      Portsmouth SSAGO (9)

                      • Alastair Taylor (Cafe Crawl)
                      • Alexander Lee-ranson (U2 Pub Crawl)
                      • Ethan Rose (Cafe Crawl)
                      • Greg Tucker (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald )
                      • Joshua Hagger (U2 Pub Crawl)
                      • Katie Webb (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald )
                      • Lewis Smith (Long Quest (Full Day))
                      • Mark Morgan (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))
                      • Thomas Orsbourne (Afternoon off in Windermere)

                      Reading (0)

                        Sheffield Hallam Students Union Guides & Scouts (0)

                          Solent SSAGO (0)

                            Southampton City Network (1)

                            • Matthew Varney (Long Quest (Full Day))

                            Southampton SSAGO (14)

                            • Andrew Kernan (U2 Pub Crawl)
                            • Clare Fuller (Long Quest (Full Day))
                            • Elizabeth Marsden (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
                            • Joshua Smith (Castle Tour )
                            • Karen Roberts (Short Quest)
                            • Kathryn Stephens (Board Games)
                            • Liam Flavin (Geocaching)
                            • Lloyd Pearson (Long Quest (Full Day))
                            • Lucy Blatherwick (Long Quest (Full Day))
                            • Megan Hickling (Brewery tour and pub crawl)
                            • Oliver Bills (Long Quest (Full Day))
                            • Sam Davies (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
                            • Sam Morden (Short Quest)
                            • Timothy Bills (Castle Tour )

                            SSAGO UEA (0)

                              Swansea University Guides and Scouts (7)

                              • Ashley Clinch (Energi Trampolining)
                              • Benjamin Gane (Cafe Crawl)
                              • Eloise Bond (Pottery Painting)
                              • Jessica Smith (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))
                              • Nicholas Bond (Geocaching)
                              • Sam Reis (Day off in Blackpool (Full Day))
                              • Thomas Stevens (U2 Pub Crawl)

                              UCLAN Scout and Guide Society (0)

                                University of Bristol Guides and Scouts (17)

                                • Alexander Manning (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))
                                • Amy Holt (Afternoon off in Windermere)
                                • Angus Currie (Afternoon off in Windermere)
                                • Callum Rea (Escape Rooms Lancaster)
                                • Daniel Stanley (Afternoon off in Windermere)
                                • Dominic Roe (Afternoon off in Windermere)
                                • Freya Upton (Day off in Blackpool (Full Day))
                                • Jennifer Rodgers (Blackpool Zoo (Full Day))
                                • Josie Rule (Pottery Painting)
                                • Lauren Manton (Afternoon off in Windermere)
                                • Lizzie Howling (Afternoon off in Windermere)
                                • Luca Bennett (Afternoon off in Windermere)
                                • Mairead Rae (Afternoon off in Windermere)
                                • Matthew Storr (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))
                                • Owen Jones (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))
                                • Tamsin Lockwood (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))
                                • Vanessa Ternes (Short Quest)

                                University of Sheffield (16)

                                • Becky Hopkins (Short Quest)
                                • Cameron Duffield (Afternoon off in Windermere)
                                • Cameron Laight (U2 Pub Crawl)
                                • Daniel Barry (U2 Pub Crawl)
                                • Daniel Brockwell (Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day))
                                • Jennifer Dobb (U2 Pub Crawl)
                                • Jennifer Dunn (Day off in Blackpool (Full Day))
                                • Joanna Jones (Afternoon off in Windermere)
                                • Katie Mcwilliams (Pottery Painting)
                                • Mark Walter (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald )
                                • Megan Maton (U2 Pub Crawl)
                                • Oriana Trejo (Day off in Blackpool (Full Day))
                                • Rachel Arrowsmith (Castle Tour )
                                • Robert Jones (U2 Pub Crawl)
                                • Sarah Chapman (U2 Pub Crawl)
                                • Stephen Hibberd (Day off in Blackpool (Full Day))

                                UWE Bristol (2)

                                • Dan Wyatt (Clip N' Climb Preston)
                                • Rhian Jones (U2 Pub Crawl)

                                Winchester (0)

                                  Wolves SSAGO (0)

                                    Worcester SSAGO (0)

                                      If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.