Fy rali gyntaf / My First Rally


Booking on

To go to Rali Cymru, you will need to complete the booking process at rally.ssago.org. Here, you will be able to book on to activities for Saturday morning and afternoon and register your interest in our various evening activities. You will also book your accommodation, and enter your food choices and any dietary requirements. To assist in our logistics, we will ask you information about how and when you are arriving and leaving camp. You will also need to read and accept the SSAGO policies and enter your emergency contact and medical details to complete your booking. 

Packing for Rali

A comprehensive kit list can be found here: https://rali.ssago.org/pages/rhestr-cit-kit-list
Please check the weather forcast when packing and consider if you may need to bring additional warm clothing or extra layers!
The site ground will be uneven and may be muddy, we suggest packing your kit in a backpack or duffle bag, rather than a suitcase. Keeping your kit dry is also important, a plastic bag can serve this purpose if you do not have a waterproof bag or dry bag.

Travelling to Rali

Many clubs arrange transport together, such as travelling by minibus, car share or taking public transport as a group. Reach out to others in your club, or others in your area, and see if they want to travel together! Rali Cymru will also be running shuttle busses to and from Newport train station on Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.

Friday at Rali


Most clubs and attendees arrive to rallies anywhere between 5pm-2am, depending on their travel distance. Upon arrival, there will be signs directing you to the registration/help desk, where you can check in from 6pm and let us know you have arrived. Here you will get a lanyard with your name, details of your events for the weekend and emergency contact details for the weekend. You will also recieve any merchandise you have ordered. 


Dinner will be served in the main hall from 6pm until late. You will need to bring your own crockery and cutlery. We reccommend bringing items that are unbreakable and not sentimental as travel can not be kind to these items. If you don't have dedicated camp eating equipment, a tupperware box, lid and regular cutlery can be sufficent for meals on camp.
Settling in

You may wish to pitch your tent before or after dinner, depending on when you arrive. Space will be tight on site, so please pitch your tents close together so we can fit them all in. Check the site map to see where to pitch your tent, or ask a member of staff.

Setting your bed up when you pitch your tent is advised to save you struggling to make it when it is late, dark and cold.

Friday Evening Activities

A typical pub-style quiz held in the main hall, group up with your club or with new friends!
The only fire allowed on site is at the designated camfire area, where you will be able to find singing and conversation. Please be aware that the watershed is at 11pm and after that time you may hear songs of a more mature nature. People will come and go from the campfire, so arrive when you want and leave when you want!

Saturday at Rali

Wakeup and breakfast
Breakfast is served from 7am, and a member of Rali staff will give a wakeup call to the camping field at this point. You should also set your own alarms. There will be washing up basins to clean your crockery.

After breakfast, you will be able to pick up your packed lunch for the day, your sandwiches will be labelled for you and other items ready to collect. You should also get ready for your activities for the day, packing your lunch and anything else you need in a day bag.

Opening Ceremony

After breakfast, everyone will gather in a central location for the opening ceremony. Members of the Rali committee will welcome everyone to rali and give out any important notices about the event. National exec may also give announcements at this point. 

At the opening ceremony, you should pay attention to any information about travelling into Cardiff, such as what coach to get if you are doing a specific activity.
Saturday Morning activities

The majority of people at rali will be taking part in a monopoly run as their morning activity. If you are doing this, you will be placed in a group with people from other clubs, and go around the city as a group going to specific locations and/or completing tasks for points. There is also the option not to take part in the monopoly run, and take a more relaxed morning off in Cardiff to do what you'd like.

At lunch, most attendees will gather in a central location and eat lunch as a group. At the end of lunch, you will be organised into groups based on your afternoon activities.

Saturday Afternoon Activities
You will have picked your saturday afternoon activity when you booked onto Rali, you may get to this by walking or minibus/coach, depending on the activity. We will then meet back up and travel back to site. 

Dinner will be served shortly after you arrive back to site after your afternoon activities.
Saturday Evening Activities

The highlight of Saturday evening is the Twmpath (You may also hear it called a Ceilidh). With music and a caller, the Twmpath is similar to a barn dance and a chance to let your hair down with your fellow SSAGOers. It will take place in the main hall on site. You don't need to be a dancing buff to join in and have a good time, and if you are getting too tired you will be able to sit out of a dance or two and watch the chaos. Clubs are also invited to wear their best Welsh-themed fancy dress!
After the Twmpath, there will be a silent disco. We will provide headphones and competing channels of music to listen to, so enjoy watching your friends dance to the YMCA while you bop along to some Dancing Queen!
Night Hike
If dancing isn't your style, why not take a nighttime excursion with our night hike!

As on Friday night, there will be a campfire held at the campfire circle.

Sunday at Rali 

Wakeup and breakfast are as on Saturday. 

Sunday Morning Activities

There will be some fun friendly silly games held on Sunday morning to drop in and out of while you are packing up your kit. 
Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony is a chance for the committee to wrap up the event and to give thank you's to those who made the event possible. 

There will also be awards given out and forfeits for those clubs who had mascots stolen from them. For more information about mascot stealing, check out this fact sheet. 


Lunch on Sunday will be a make-your-own own sandwich affair, with any extra leftovers from the weekend as well. 


Minibus shuttles to Newport will be running from after the closing ceremony until the afternoon for anyone who is travelling by public transport, otherwise you can leave whenever you are ready.

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.