A Quick Guide to Welsh for the Saes


Here's a very quick guide to some simple Welsh phrases we want everyone to try and use throughout Rali Cymru!

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(No) thanks! (Dim) diolch! (dim) dee-olch
Is everybody happy? Rwyt t'in happus iawn? Roy-t teen hap-pus y-aw-n
Good morning/afternoon/night! Bore / Prynhawn / Nos Da! Borreh / prin-how-n / nos dah
Welcome! Croeso Croy-soh ("so" like in sock)
Hello (similar to " 'aight") Shwmae! Shuh-my
Cheers! (lit. Good health) Iechyd da! Ye-ch-id dah
Goodbye Hwyl fawr Hoil (like boil)  vour (like hour)



*remember: in Welsh, a "ch" is pronounced with the back of your throat, like in Loch Ness. "r"s are rolled, and "o"s are pronounced like the o in hello. Please look up how to pronounce "ll" before trying...


And finally,  please  do not disrespect the Welsh language. There's a long history of the English disrespecting the Welsh language and culture, and we don't want to give SSAGO a bad name!

The flag of Wales

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